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National Taiwan University Hospital’s recently published study revealed that Taiwan’s oral cancer incidence rate is the highest in the world.


Prof. Jeng-Yuh Ko (柯政郁) of the Department of Otolaryngology said, according to the Department of Health’s 2008 Cancer Registry Report, oral cancer incidence rate and mortality rate are among the major ten causes of death in Taiwan, ranking fourth as cause of death in men. New diagnosed cases in that year reached 4,420 people, surpassing Melanesia as the highest in the world in terms of incidence rate.


Prof. Po-Yuan Ke pointed out, Taiwan’s oral cancer incidence rate is higher than the incidence rate of America or Europe, and is most likely seen in 50 to 54 years old men in Taiwan. He said, betel quid chewing and smoking are the major cause of oral cancer. The prevalence rate of betel quid chewing and areas with high oral cancer incidence rate are clearly associated. Taitung County, Changhua County and Chiayi County have the highest oral cancer incidence rates in Taiwan geographically.


        Ke also suggested that people who have a habit of chewing betel quid or smoking should quit as soon as possible and should get screened regularly for oral cancer.
Modify Date:2015/01/28 Publish Date:2012/05/22