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      There were 1,347 inmates enrolled in the 2012 Quit & Win Campaign. On June 12th, an award ceremony was held in Taipei Detention Center immediately following all winners had passed biochemical validation under physicians’ witness.


The 2012 Quit & Win Campaign has attracted a total of 31,067 sets of smokers accompanied by non-smokers, including 1,347 sets of inmates. 7 winning sets won the award set up by the Ministry of Justice and Mr. Hsu from Taiyuan Skill Training Institute in Taitung won second prize of NTD60,000 (USD2,000).


Inmate Hsu saw cessation as to recover from depression and a way to rebuild his confidence as his family seemed to have deserted him. Hsu voluntarily signed up for the campaign in mid-April and stayed away from cigarettes. With his roommate, surnamed Wang, as a witness required by the campaign, they became the lucky winners for the second prize in the lottery, winning NTD60,000 (USD2,000).


Because the inmates were not allowed to attend the national award ceremony outside the institute, organizers of the campaign arranged a special award ceremony held at the detention center with former Department of Health Minister Chi-Liang Yang as the award presenter for Mr. Hsu, who was an admirer of Yang.

Modify Date:2015/01/30 Publish Date:2012/07/06