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The city of Chiayi announced a smoking ban around 19 schools under highschool levels. Effective immediately, violators will be fined NTD2,000 (USD70). All schools were polled for implementing the smoking ban outside the schools, including sidewalk , pick-up or drop off areas. Out of 43 schools, 19 went forward.

“Smokers now have to be careful of where they smoke,” said Shiow-Tsai Lin (林秀猜), Section Chief of the Bureau of Health in Chiayi City Government. “Smoking on school grounds is not permitted by regulations. However, people are lighting up cigarettes near the school gates and sidewalks, where the parents pick up or drop off their children.”

“The Department of Health has sought public consultation on smoking ban on sidewalks around schools. Out of the 43 schools in the city, 19 agreed to introduce the ban.”

According to Lin, the smoking ban in Chiayi is most extensive. Smoking ban seen in Taipei City and Taichung City was limited to areas immediately outside the gate. Effective immediately, health inspectors will patrol all sidewalks outside the school zone during school and after-school time.

Section Chief Shiow-Tsai Lin together with Principal Kun-Lung Chiu (邱坤龍) and more than 20 students of Min Sheng Junior High School inaugurated the new smoking ban. They pulled a red ribbon and called out smoke-free slogans at the school gate yesterday. A student boy even crushed smoking props with his knees.

“It is my responsibilities to protect the health of teachers and students at the school,” stressed Kun-Lung Chiu. He said that smoke-free pedestrian walkway can protect them from second-hand smoke.

Modify Date:2015/01/29 Publish Date:2012/12/05