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Ministry of Finance in Taiwan announced yesterday that travelers bringing excess cigarettes and alcoholic beverages will be fined between NTD500 (USD17) and NTD4,000 (USD138), starting in 2013, although they do not face prosecution.

According to the regulation, if travelers bring in more than 6 cartons of cigarettes, each extra carton will be fined NTD500 (USD17) and also confiscated at the customs.

For every traveler entering Taiwan, one tax-free bottle of alcoholic beverage(up to 1 liter) and one tax-free carton of cigarettes or twenty-five sticks of cigars is allowed. With additional cartons up to four, taxes and customs and duties are due. Cigarettes beyond five cartons will not be allowed.

The fine for each extra item is as follows: NTD500 (USD17) for cigarette, NTD4,000 (USD138) for every twenty-five cigars and NTD2,000 (USD69) for every liter of alcoholic beverages.

Modify Date:2015/01/26 Publish Date:2012/12/17