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More than 200 elementary school students joined volunteers from John Tung Foundation in an anti-smoking campaign to make commitments to say no to smoking and call for smokers to kick the bad habit for good.

Department of Health in Taipei City Government and John Tung Foundation organized an anti- smoking campaign at Jian Kang Elementary School yesterday to increase children’s awareness of tobacco hazards through online interactive health education as a form of entertainment.

“The school has always placed a great emphasis on tobacco control education and been eager to create a tobacco-free environment,” said Shih-Hsien Yang (楊士賢), Principal of Jian Kang Elementary School. “We are the first to respond to the anti- smoking campaign in which students made a pledge to never to start smoking.”

Pop singer Latte David Hsu, who grew up as an anti-smoking angel, reminded the students to encourage members of their families quit smoking as early as possible, because it can damage teeth, increase wrinkles and even lead to heart disease, lung cancer and cataract.

During the campaign, lifelong volunteer Sun Yueh (孫越), an ex-smoker, nicknamed Uncle Sun, demonstrated his four easy steps in helping smokers to quit: breathe deeply 15 times, drink a glass of water, stretch and brush your teeth or wash your face.

Modify Date:2015/01/28 Publish Date:2013/01/02