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Choosing Wisely: Select the accredited hospitals to deal with your cancer treatment

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The standard treatment offers the most effective way to combat cancer

There are many unproven cancer remedies and alternative treatments from many anecdotes that make false claims to cancer patients and families that could seem appealing. However, some cancer patients have missed their best treatment opportunities by not following standard treatments for cancer. Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Dr. Sien-Tien Tsai stated, for colorectal cancer patients, those who receive standard treatments in the first three months of diagnosis have a 62% 5-year survival rate, and those who do not, have merely 20% 5-year survival rate. In order to allow patients to receive quality and timely treatment, the Health Promotion Administration implemented not only the “Cancer Care Quality Accreditation”, but also the “Cancer Patient Navigation Program” that the oncology nurse managers provide services to cancer patients and their families by working with patients from diagnosis to completing treatments and beyond. Currently, 57 hospitals nationwide have passed the accreditation as quality cancer treatment institutions with strong medical teams and high quality of care. 

Navigation Program : A beacon of light for cancer patients

Mr. Chen, a 62-year-old volunteer at Hope Foundation for Cancer Care, was diagnosed colorectal cancer at stage 4 at his 51 years. Sooner he took the surgery and chemotherapy proactively with trust on the medical system in the coming 11 years. Nowadays, Mr. Chen discoursed his own experience to encourage other people to face cancers positively.

A celebrity entertainer was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 3 years ago is the other story. Due to the over workload and untimely surgery, eventually he was died for metastatic colorectal cancer, leaving many of his fans saddened in regret.

 In order to ease the mind of cancer patients regarding standard medical treatments, and not to be misguided by other unproven street remedies, the Health Promotion Administration guided the hospitals in improving their cancer care quality and implemented quality accreditation. This ensured a holistic and comprehensive care by multidisciplinary clinics staffed by a mix of different health professionals including physicians, nurses, psychologists, and dietitians. Moreover, the “Cancer patient navigation program” is to ensure that once patients are diagnosed with cancer, the oncology nurse managers will proactively contact the patients and provide medical information, consultation, and accompanying the patients to understand the complex medical information relating to their condition and treatment. Currently, over 90% of newly diagnosed cancer patients have been guided to receive proper care within three months, and continuously tracked for at least a year. The Health Promotion Administration advises the public to select proper cancer treatment and consultation at “Cancer care quality accredited” medical institutions