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Don't Miss Out on the Free Preventive Healthcare Services Once You've Hit 40 Years of Age

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    The early stages of chronic diseases often manifest almost no symptoms at all; however, if one does not regular monitor his or her own health, he or she will likely need to spend a considerable amount of time and money treating chronic diseases. Moreover, chronic disease patients contracting severe infectious diseases such as the influenza and the COVID-19 pneumonia will also have higher risks of complications and deaths than normal individuals.

    The Health Promotion Administration (HPA) provides one free preventive health check-up every 3 years for people aged 40 years to 64 years, and one free check-up per year for aboriginals aged 55 years above and people aged 65 years and above. As the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan has gradually subsided, the HPA encourages those who are qualified to use the free-checkups as early as possible. The importance of health check-up is to detect risk factors before the disease symptoms hit, and to improve unhealthy lifestyles as early as possible; early detection of chronic diseases allow early treatment and prevention of disease exacerbation.

Undergo Regular Health Examination For Your Own Good

    Data on HPA’s adult preventive healthcare services for the past 3 years have showed that nearly 1.9 million people have utilized the services. In 2019, amongst individuals who self-reported no previous histories of the “3 highs” (hyperlipidemia, hypertension and hyperglycemia), cardiovascular diseases and stroke, after utilizing the preventive health services, 499,000 people (25.2%) were newly identified with abnormal blood lipids; 421,000 people (21.2%) were newly identified with hypertension, and 179,000 people (9.1%) were newly identified with hyperlipidemia. The HPA urges the public to use the free health check-ups for early detection and intervention, and to reduce or delay disease progression by adjusting lifestyles, such as eating a healthy diet, exercise regularly and quit smoking, which could help to reduce the time, money and medical costs related to treatment of chronic diseases. Even if the results of health checkup showed no “red” figures, people are advised to remain vigilant; other than monitoring physiological values such as urine and blood, it is more important to actively maintain a healthy life style. Only by doing so can one truly decrease the risks of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

People Aged 40 Years and Above Can Utilize the Preventive Healthcare Services at More than 6,000 Medical Institutions around Taiwan

    The Adult Preventive Healthcare Services provided by HPA are based on international medical evidences and recommendations of professional organizations, including key risk factors of chronic diseases (including cardiovascular, liver and kidney diseases) such as unhealthy behaviors (smoking, alcohol drinking, betel-quid chewing and lack of regular exercise habits), investigation into familial history, physical examinations (including blood pressure measurement, waist circumference measurement and BMI calculation), blood biochemistry and urinary protein analysis, and health consultation (smoking cessation education, alcohol control, betel-quid chewing cessation, regular exercise and healthy diets). The health check-up services are designed to evaluate the six common types of health issues in Taiwanese populations (blood pressure, blood glucose, blood lipids, kidney functions, liver functions and healthy body weight). There are current more than 6,000 medical institutions around Taiwan that provide Adult Preventive Healthcare Services.

    The HPA is dedicated to maintaining good health of the nation. It is advised that people with abnormal health check-up results should follow doctor’s suggestion to improve their diets, exercise and unhealthy lifestyles, take control to prevent chronic diseases from happening, and undergo further examinations when necessary!