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The Well-Being of the elderly in Asia

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The Well-Being of the elderly in Asia--A four-country comparative study

1. Aging in Asia:Facing the Crossroads
2. The demographic, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Context of the Four Study Countries.
3. Policies and Programs in Place and under Development
4. Theoretical Perspectives, Measurement Issues, and Related Research
5. Patterns and Determinants of Living Arrangements
6. Intergenerational Support and Transfers
7. Work, Retirement, and Leisure
8. Economic Well-Being: Insights from Multiple Measures of Income and Assets
9. Physical and Mental Health of then Elderly
10. Patterns of Health Care Utilization
11. The vulnerable and Their Potential Disadvantages
12. Capturing Change: Transitions at Older Ages and Cohort Succession
13. Making the Choices: Policies and Research for the Coming Years

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