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The overall objectives of this research program are as follows: first, analyze the healthy cities in other countries – the ways they introduce their healthy city concepts and indicators into urban planning; second, compare the healthy cities in Taiwan with other countries – take similarities and differences of healthy city concepts and indicators imported the urban planning into the analysis. Third, develop the healthy city concepts and indicators into the mechanism of urban planning; fourth, develop operational models for the introduction of healthy city concepts and indicators brought into urban planning operation.

The research subjects include Tainan City, Miaoli County and Taipei County which have been promoted healthy city movement. We examined the healthy city concepts and indicators introduced into the planning system of each case city, collected and reviewed relevant documents from domestic and international sources, and visited and discussed with concerned officials & expects in Tainan City, Miaoli County and Taipei County. In addition, we host the Healthy Urban Planning Symposium 2009, and draw conclusion to the mechanisms and case models of introducing healthy city concepts & indicators into the planning system of local authorities. Look over again documents and all previous discussions content record look for the evidence, match the urban ideas of the healthy cities and indicators to channel into cognition and questionnaire investigation result of the action that the city planned, propose mechanism and subject of the case way and discuss, conclude and propose relevantly finally.

The results of this year’s work are as follows,

1 Overview of relevant other countries - since Europe has a high degree of urbanization for a longer period of time and slower population growth, there are fewer cases of newly urbanizing areas. However, there are many countries taking the healthy city concepts into urban renewal areas and additional public facilities. In addition, we did not find foreign countries in taking the healthy city indicator system directly into urban planning indicators (standards). The model of United Kingdom mainly takes the health concepts into urban development and decision-making process. Shape new public health aspects of urban planning from national policies and legislation as a coordination mechanism. The model of London is achieved through education and empowerment of local implementation of the new system. Now, Australia is studying the concept of introducing healthy cities into the mechanism of the urban planning process, however, some cities such as Townsville has been pioneering in this new direction. Korea, on the other hand, is similar to Taiwan, it is still in the initial stage of linking healthy city concept and indicators into the system of urban planning. Some scholars in the filed of urban planning have been involved in the promotion of the relevant work.

2 This study has been collaborated with relevant local authorities in Taiwan, such as Tainan City Government, Miaoli County Government, and Taipei County. In the collaborative discussions, the research team from NCKU started with introducing foreign cases that tried to link the healthy city concepts and indicators with urban planning. Using Tainan City, Miaoli County, and Taipei County as three examples, We then compared relationships between health city indicators and urban planning system in each of these case cities. After the discussion, NCKU team and the perspective local authorities evaluate and develop the mechanisms of domestic healthy city concepts and indicators into urban planning from policies, laws, planning, implementation, management perspectives.

3 According to healthy, environmental and social aspects, this study choose cases that introduced healthy city concepts and indicators into urban planning. These cases showed that the introduction of healthy city concepts and indicators into urban planning is more popular in the planning, implementation and management of some specific projects. In addition, the choice of relevant cases is based on the particular situations of the specific city.

4 This study suggests that the introduction of healthy city concepts and indicators into planning system may be grounded in current urban planning law systems, revised laws and regulations to lead to the change of system and enhanced the levels of urban planning agencies in healthy city projects. In addition, in the course of urban planning process, the participation levels of public health experts and scholars should be entranced. It is suggested that the director of public healthy agencies should be a member of the urban planning review committee. Finally, the researches of urban planning and two-way education and empowerment programs of public health professionals are also suggested.

5 2009 Healthy City Conference was held in National Cheng Kung University College of Medicine on March 7th and 8th, 2009. Besides, in order to realize the cognition and action about the introduction of healthy city concepts and indicators into urban planning, this study made questionnaires to survey related local authorities.

The thought & practice of introducing healthy city concepts and indicators into urban planning system is still at an experimental stage in the advanced countries, such as Europe and Asia-Pacific Region. Taiwan started the promotion of healthy city movement much later than the above mentioned countries. Local authorities are still put forth efforts on the construction and reconstruction of the indicator systems, and most of the healthy city projects in Taiwan are promoted through existing municipal administration and annual planning-budget system. Therefore, the linking, or the introduction of healthy city concepts & indicators into urban planning system has generally not yet been considered or implemented in depth by the local authorities. However, local authorities have revealed their concerns of urban planning role in future healthy city promotion; and it is also expected that based on the execution of this research project, there will be more follow-up discussions & planning projects in the future.

Keywords: Urban Planning, Healthy City, Mechanism,
Operation Model, Indicators
Modify Date:2015/01/29 Publish Date:2015/01/29