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1.Completed a three-year asthma prevention scheme.

2.Promoted The Asthma Patient Health Consultation Services. As of 2004, 78 hospitals have joined this program.

3.Administered governmental medical staff (2002 and 2003)families of children with asthma (2004),and caretakers in kindergartens (2005) trainings on the care and treatment of asthma in children. ( 2004),

4.Created a asthmatic patients` self-help kit in 2004, and promoted the material in 2005.

5.Constructed the following epidemiology and management case studies:
(1) A study of the application and effective of case management in improving school and home health care for asthma children between urban and rural area (2003-2004).
(2) Case Management and Child Health of Children Asthmatic in Schools (2003-2005).
(3) Prevalence of Adulthood Asthma in Southern Taiwan (2004) and in the eastern Taiwan (2005)
(4) Establishment of asthma education network in Taoyuan(2004-2005)
(5) Evaluation of Self Care for Continue care of Patients with Asthma in NHI Program(2004)
(6) Establish evaluation model of the health counseling and promotion agencies for asthma. (2004)
(7) Developed an experimental plan for asthma patients online management. (2004)
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