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Based on respect for medical ethics and fetus, Health Promotion Administration (HPA) has continued to strive to narrow the gap between the sex ratio at birth. Thus on the eve of the International Women's Day, which falls on March 8, in echoing the theme of “Think Equal” of the United Nation, HPA suggested “Girls are fine as boys, holding them in high regard if born equally.” Except for diagnosis of sex-linked inheritance disorders, people are advised not to seek prenatal sex selection and abortion due to gender preferences. HPA has called on the public to respect life so as to facilitate an equitable, healthy and natural birth of every baby.  

Heightened Awareness of Gender Equality
Joint Hand To Safeguard Every New Born

The sex ratio at birth (SRB) is the ratio of newborn baby boys to baby girls. According to international literature, the SRB is typically between 1.04 and 1.06 under natural situation. However in Asian countries, the historical and cultural factors in patriarchal society often led to the imbalance of SRB in the past. To enable SRB to return to normal, Ministry of Health and Welfare has established the inter-agency SRB Task Force since 2010, complete with laws specifically banning prenatal sex selection and gender-preference abortions.  HPA has worked with local health bureaus to monitor the SRB through birth reporting system and organize training for health professionals and the general public to promote the ban on gender selection through diverse channels of communication, to help promote the concept of Boys And Girls All The Same Precious So Refuse Prenatal Sex Selection, to safeguard every new born.
With efforts by relevant government agencies, the SRB reduced from 1.09 in 2010 to 1.069 in 2018; for third birth in particular, the SRB lowered from 1.188 in 2010 to 1.098 in 2018, showing an increasingly balanced SRB.
According to Taiwan Fertility and Family Survey conducted by HPA once every 4 years, on the question of“Boy or Girl, the way nature intended!”, favorite response from married women increased from 39.51% in 2012 to 43.49% in 2016, while favorite response from married men jumped from 44.54% in 2012 to 48.53% in 2016, showing an increasing awareness of gender equality.

Girls and Boys All equally precious The Same Precious 
Health and happiness are the most important

With the promotion of the gender equality policy in Taiwan, people pay much attention to gender equality issues. Nowadays, gender discrepancies have faded in aspects such as family and workplace. HPA continues to call on the public to shed the traditional concept of patriarchy and carrying on the family name, cherishing every life on their way to the world because they are the most unique and precious baby regardless of sex.  
According to health-related laws in Taiwan, gender selection during pregnancy is prohibited. Gender selection or gender-preference abortion is banned unless medically required. Even for embryos through assisted reproductive technology, the fetal gender should not be revealed in any form except for medical purpose. Health-related laws and Penalties have been published on the website of HPA ( Any case of illegal test or sex selection may be reported to HPA by SRB hotline at 0800-870-870.

Modify Date:2018/11/19 Publish Date:2018/11/19