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According to statistics by Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China (Taiwan). At the end of 2016 Taiwan over 65 years old Elderly population nearly 3.43 million, for 14.56% of total population, Taiwan has entered the advanced age society, and expected after 7 years, Elderly population will exceed 20% of the total, become to super advanced age society.
“2017 The Survey Report of the Elderly” to Ministry of Health and Welfare, the over 65 years old Elderly with other family member living together for 33.6% of total population, it means for every 10 household in average, have a 3 household to three Generation living together. Health Promotion Administration. Ministry of Health and Welfare (HPA) specially invited Mr. Jian Shangren, who is famous in the compiling Taiwanese Folk songs and Taiwanese Nursery rhyme, he created Taiwanese Nursery rhyme-“Grandparents”, through a catchy song to children, the song let children enhance to interaction with grandparents, to promote the elderly healthy and family happiness.

Kind to Elderly of social, keep vibrant
HPA Mr. Ying-Wei Wang explain, in order to promote Age-friendly and concern community, use simple lyrics, that respect the elderly and pamper grandparents to compile a song in the life, at the same time, in the recorded music, invite elderly and children use simple dance, song, form a positive image of kind, healthy, happy and life master to elderly by children, health promoting of elderly and active aging, targeting “less sick”, “delay aging” & “live better”, improve the quality of life in the elderly.
  The song “Grandparents” is based cultural element of county music to create by Mr. Jian, though communicate to county cultural and harmony of elderly to encourage elderly “keep a healthy and keep a happy mood”. HPA hope though the song to promotion elderly healthy, order to Age-friendly education into people lifestyle, into the music class in nursery school, elementary school and junior high school, chorus, or performance to promotion song, will be regularly competitions activities for the elderly, though assign song, Media by website, Movie, Community website or performance. 

More confident to Elderly by Social
Mr. Jian is a over 65 year old Elderly, he still continues to work on the collection, organization, creation and promotion of Taiwanese Folk songs and Taiwanese Nursery rhyme, promote local music through Taiwanese folk music performances, his also Intelligent accumulation and cultural experience, continuous song creation, is also the most expressive of the elderly health, intelligence of one of the spokesmen.
Basis HPA “Health promotion business Promotion status andresults survey “ for 2017 , Phone Access 2 million 4,638 person, the people over the fifteen years old view of the elderly, 78.3% people agree that the elderly "have the ability to solve problems",67.0% of the people over age think they have "the ability to solve problems",46.6% of the Seniors over age do not agree that they are "frail", Compare Recent 2 Annual statistics, the positive attitude of the people towards the elderly, whether it is the views of the elderly or the public, shows an increasing trend. The community recognizes the ability of the elderly to contribute continuously and provides elderly and friendly environmental support so that the elderly can get along with young generations or learn from each other, interact with each other and bring them closer together, so that the elderly can be more healthy and confident.

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Modify Date:2019/02/22 Publish Date:2019/02/22