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Subject: Creating New Values in Healthcare:
Health Promoting Hospitals
From: Community Health Division, BHP
Date: 8.00 am, Sunday August 19th, 2007
Press conference: 10.00am, Sunday August 19th, 2007 Conference Hall:4F, Health Management Center ,Taiwan Adventist Hospital
Section Chief Lin Chen-Su (02)2997-8616 ext.120, 0972-112439 Director Hsiao Shu-Chen (02)2997-8616 ext.102, 0928-841731 Creating New Values in Healthcare Health Promoting Hospitals The Bureau of Health Promotion of the Department of Health, the Executive Yuan, held The 1st National Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals in Taiwan at the TaiwanAdventistHospital. Dr. Hanne Tonnesen, Head of WHO HPH secretariat and Director of the WHO Collaborating centre Promoting Hospital International Network, came to Taiwan to award the accreditation certificate to 17 health promoting hospitals that have passed accreditation this year. What is a health promoting hospital? A health promoting hospital incorporates health promotion concepts, values and standards into its organizational culture and daily routines. It allows all of the hospitals employees and their families, patients and their families, and the community residents to participate in health promotion together, seeking to achieve the goal of health promotion by preventive principle, that is, better early treating those not yet sick than treating those already sick. For example, during the tobacco hazards prevention campaigns held by the PingtungChristianHospital for community residents, if one was found to have smoking addiction, he/she would be provided with referral for counseling services. In addition, the outpatient smoking reminder system would be used when the residents come to visit outpatient clinics. The system is targeted at smokers and activated every 3 months to proactively provide further outpatient physician service for smoking cessation. The Disease Control Unit of the hospital would also list the smokers for follow-up and monitoring and provide outpatient consultation and health education. As for the health promotion of employees within the hospital, an excellent example would be the Cardinal Tien Hospital Yung Ho Branch. Through the health promoting program of hospital, the proportion of female employees aged 30 and above undergone Pap smear has increased from 30% to 80%, while those aged 50 and above undergone mammography screening has reached 82%. Moreover, one of the employees was early detected to have stage zero stage breast cancer and recovered well after proper treatment. The international Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services is one of the WHO Collaborating Centres. Currently, altogether there are more than 600 hospitals in the network. In order to promote our peoples health, increase medical care quality, and participate with world health activities, the Bureau of Health Promotion has being dedicated in pushing the health promoting hospital program. Last year and the year before, five hospitals (see attachment) have already been accredited by the said organization to be health promoting hospitals. The NationalYangMingUniversity has also joined efforts with the YuanpeiUniversity and various hospitals to push the Taiwan Health Promoting Hospital Network. In 2007, 17 hospitals have obtained accreditation (see attachment). They will continue to devote to the mission of health promoting hospitals and provide the public with both treatment and health care services. They also value their employees health and provide the community residents with more comprehensive health and medical care network services. In comparison to the active approach of the international communities for health promoting hospitals, Taiwan is still at its initial stage. Therefore, the Bureau of Health Promotion seeks to facilitate hospitals that are willing to indulge in health promotion through the health promoting hospital network program. This is the one of the various ways that Taiwan health care quality can be keep up with the world, thus objective of promoting peoples health can be achieved. Attachment Health Promotion Hospitals 2005: 1 hospital Taipei Minicipal Wanfang Hospital Managed by TaipeiMedicalUniversity 2006: 4 hospitals - Pingtung Christian Hospital, Fong-Yuan Hospital; Taichung Hospital; Cardinal Tien Hospital , Yung Ho Branch 2007: 17 hospitals - Tzu-ai General Hospital; Buddhist Dalin Tzu Chi General; Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital; Lishin Hospital; Taiwan Adventist Hospital; China Medical University Beigang Hospital ; Penghu Hospital; Da Chien General Hospital; Tri-Service General Hospital; St. Joseph's Hospital; Taipei County Hospital; Keelung Hospital; Changhua Christian Hospital; Yuli Hospital; Chen Hsin Rehabilitation Medical Center; Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch; I-Lan Hospital.
Modify Date:2015/01/27 Publish Date:2007/03/18