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1. National Taipei Hospital and the Second General Hospital National Taipei Hospital and the Second General Hospital of Mongolia signed an agreement on August 9, 2005 to be affiliated hospitals. The two hospitals agree to expand exchange and technical cooperation, including donating medical apparatus, discussion on medical affairs, public health, hospital management education, training medical staff and database establishment. The agreement goes beyond the medical cooperation. It is mark a major diplomatic breakthrough. The reason can be dated back to 2002 when National Taipei Hospital established Training Center for International Medical personnel. It is in charge of training foreign medical workers and promoting medical diplomacy. In the past few years, the Center has trained many medical personnel from all over the world. Among them, 11 were from Mongolia, which might lay a solid foundation with medical professionals of Mongolia. In March 2005, after the Mongolian vice minister of the ministry of health and social welfare visited Taiwan, the two countries decided to build a closer relation......
Modify Date:2015/01/28 Publish Date:2006/07/20