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The Bureau of Health in New Taipei City Government, Taiwan, posted a wanted ad for creative video clip on the harmful effects of tobacco or on facilitating a smoke-free environment.

Participants from all walks of life are eligible, said Chiu-Wen Chang (張秋文), Head of Division of Health Management, Bureau of Health in New Taipei City. The top three winners will receive commendation and a cash prize of NTD50,000 (USD1,709), NTD30,000 (USD1,025) or NTD20,000 (USD684). The entrant videos will be rated for the criteria: the theme (35%), creativity (35%) and overall visual effects (30%).

Videos lasting between 30 seconds and 3 minutes are eligible to enter the tobacco control contest. These videos, uploaded to websites such as Youtube or Facebook or blogs, can be linked to the Health Bureau’s website with Nov. 25 as the deadline.

The contest also offers additional awards: Best Local Spirit award, Best Hilarious award and three Most Popular awards. They will each receive a cash prize of NTD12,000 (USD410), NTD10,000 (USD342) and NTD8,000 (USD273) for the First, Second and Third Places Awards. Among all website voters for the Most Popular awards, 20 randomly selected voters will receive NTD500 (USD17).
Modify Date:2015/01/28 Publish Date:2012/10/29