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Healthy Taiwan and Active Aging 2019 -Taiwan Healthy Cities and Age-friendly Cities Awards Ceremony

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    Since the development of the concept of healthy cities, in response to the changes in the general environment, the healthy cities in the world have not only included the issues of "urban governance" and "health inequality" but also incorporated "ecology" factors into the perspective of healthy cities elements. Besides, to demonstrate the achievements of various local governments and communities, the "Healthy Cities and Age-friendly Cities (Communities) Awards" were set up. This year, a total of 345 proposals were submitted. After the preliminary and review stages, 63 winners were selected. Through this competition, we aim to promote related issues and results of healthy cities and age-friendly cities and serve as a learning model for other local governments. This year, the theme of Healthy Taiwan and Active Aging 2019 Awards Ceremony is "Cross-field Integration and Sustainable Development".

Building a friendly and whole-person environment for the elderly, where the elderly can live peace, habitability, and LOHAS

        Taiwu Township Health Center (Pingtung County), one of the gold award winners, it has been cooperating with the Taiwu Township Office for a long time to create a "Taiwu Township whole-person model of age-friendly Environment". It has developed a lively and interesting diversified service belonging to the original tribe from the community environment to the health promotion activities for the elderly. Advocate that "the tribe is home" by improving the home environment and transport system (e.g., buses to my home) so that the elderly can live in barrier-free environments. The feeling of "home" is created by Intergenerational learning Involving young children and elderly and middle-aged villagers serving as caregivers, etc.
        The Lianjiang County Health and Welfare Bureau, which won the "Gold Idea Award for Age-friendly Cities ", focuses on aging’s nutritional problems. The community dietitian considers the reading difficulties of the elderly and develops interactive electronic media teaching tools, such as nutrition mini-games (six food categories, food yellow and green lights, etc.) to enhance the elderly's understanding of nutrition concepts greatly. Also, the elderly are afraid to consume dairy products because of their taste habits. The dairy products are insufficiently consumed. The dietitian puts dairy products into dishes or makes snacks for shared meals so that the elders can eat happily and healthily. 
        The Zhonghe District Office of New Taipei City won the "Healthy Cities Excellence Award-Township and Urban District Group". The Zhonghe District Office integrates resources within its jurisdiction, including transportation, barrier-free spaces to parks and other hardware environments, elderly services, health promotion activities, etc.
The park in the district has been reorganized and has become a place for the whole family. The roads frequently used by citizens and elderly are planned, ramps are improved, and handrails are installed. The park in the district just like the most famous place in the jurisdiction (the Earth God of Honglushishan Nanshan Fude Palace); this community is where residents are healthy and happy.

Continue to inject "care'' elements into Healthy Cities and Age-friendly Cities

        This year's winners ranged from simple activities to the integration of ecology and focus on resource integration within the jurisdiction, from a small health clinic to an entire city, from respecting and loving the elderly to being a family, and then showing that Taiwan is in health promotion and friendly environment. Around the world, including Taiwan, about 166 cities and 45 non-governmental organizations have joined the Alliance For Healthy Cities (AFHC) supported by the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office. The National Health Agency began to promote healthy cities with local governments in 2003, and 22 cities and counties across Taiwan have joined in the promotion of Age-friendly cities in 2013. With the joint efforts of the government and the private sector, and industry-government-academic cooperation. There is a friendly environment, local activities, and humanistic care, and the happiness index of the community is improving in the community that you and I are familiar with. Dr. Wang Ying-Wei, Director of Health Promotion Administration, pointed out promoting healthy cities and age-friendly cities in the future. He would continue to integrate "care" into the strategy and build a support system with layers of protection for the weak or need services as the main body. Let the support network of the entire community be able to support each other, so that everyone in the society can be a person who can help others, foster mutual love, create a warm environment, and recreate the style of "love each other at the end of the house".