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Protecting the Planet Heath by Advancing Green Action Work Together for Creating the Sustainable Prosperity in Asia Pacific

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Echo the theme of “World Health Day 2022:Our planet, our health”, to protect Earth is to protect human health. Learning how to coexist with envir0onmental ecologic equilibrium and maintain economic development are the sustainability issues that all human beings should face. With the efforts of Health Promotion Administration of Ministry of Health and Welfare, the project is successfully funded by APEC. The “APEC Conference on Achieving One Planet from 4E: Eat, Exercise, Ecology, Economics” is held today on the 10th floor of CHANG YUNG-FA FOUNDATION International Convention Center. With the pandemic restricting physical participation from certain countries, the Conference has invited representatives and experts from Canada, United States, Thailand, Singapore, etc. to share their experiences virtually via video conferencing  as well as 20 APEC economic representatives and partners from related fields to promote the experience exchange and communication in Asia Pacific region.

Work Together with Asia Pacific Partners to Demonstrate “Green Eating” and Promote Green Action Towards Health for All
Taiwan leads the world by proposing the original concept “New Healthy Lifestyle” at APEC for the first time. It advocates the dual benefits of environmental sustainability and economic development through promoting green eating and livable exercises, which is supported and echoed by international experts and APEC economies. This one-day conference which features physical and virtual attendances has invite Dr. Chung-Liang Shih, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Health and Welfare, to give the opening remarks, and Dr. Udom Asawutmangkul, Director, Division of Physical Activity and Health, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand; Dr. Erna Mulati, Director, Public Nutrition, Mother and Child Health, Ministry of Health, Indonesia; Prof. Trevor Hancock, Professor Emeritus, School of Public Health and Social Policy, University of Victoria, Canada; Prof. Walter C. Willett, Professor, Epidemiology and Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, United States; Prof. Theng Yin Leng, Associate Provost (Faculty Affairs), President’s Office, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Dr. Hui-Chen Chien, Director-General, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, etc., 13 international scholars, economies’ representatives and experts from the fields of nutrition and sports industries in Taiwan to be our speakers and moderators. By sharing their domestic strategies of innovative measures for promoting green life on the two major topics: “Join for Demonstrating the “Green Eating Power” and Sharing the Livable Planet” and “The Green Action Plan and Innovation of Sport Industry”, and thereby to lead the trend of new healthy life on 4E in Asia-Pacific region.

Together for Creating a Green Life for All in Post-Pandemic Era by Advocating 4E
The damage caused by COVID-19 for human health, economic and life safety has made human beings pay further attention on how to coexist with Earth. By experiences sharing and discussion on such diverse issues across nations and disciplines, as well as to collect all perspectives from different countries in this conference, to create the opportunities for cross-regional cooperation and raise the attention in the Asia Pacific region for the planetary health related issues. Meanwhile, it will also enhance people’s abilities to fight against the pandemic in the post-pandemic era through advocating the combination of green eating and livable exercises. By promoting a sustainable circular economy and working together for achieving health for all in Asia-Pacific region, we work toward building and sharing a livable and healthy planet.


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