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Protect Earth, Protect Health Creating New Green Lifestyles Together

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April 7th is the World Health Day marked by World Health Organization (WHO). To echo the theme “Our planet, our health” this year, the Health Promotion Administration of Ministry of Health and Welfare held the “APEC Conference on Achieving One Planet from 4E: Eat, Exercise, Ecology, Economics” on March 17th. With the participation of over 200 individuals including representatives of APEC economies and domestic/foreign stakeholders from industries, governments, and academia as well as private organizations, the Conference concluded on a successful note.

Green Actions Lead the Trend of “New Healthy Lifestyles” to Create the Livable Earth
During the Conference, each economies’ representatives had thorough and fruitful discussions on relevant matters and arrived at the following conclusions:
1. There should be another E in addition to the present 4E, “Equity”, which emphasizes the fair allocation of resources to each human being living on the planet. The high-income economies should reduce their ecological footprint to solve the disparities in wealth distribution. Meanwhile, the governments and people should engage in two-way dialogues on the climate change to address the cognitive differences between both sides and bring them to harmony. That will be essential to improve on the joint efforts made by humanity on sustainability issues.
2.As suggested by the world-renowned expert, Walter C. Willett, Professor of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, from the practical standpoint and the fundamental Nutritional Epidemiology, when advocating plant-based diets, we could take nutritional supplements to compensate for the lack of trace nutrients. This could let people maintain the flexibility and achieve the goal of sustainability step by step.
3.Regarding the green action plan and innovation in the sport industry, we should empower the aging community and improve the quality of life by technology and utilize channels like smartphones and websites to attract participants of all ages so that people can adopt active healthy lifestyles.

Achieve Environmental Sustainability and Health Equality
We must accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to green energy and from carbon-driven to net-zero initiative. In addition to the advocacy by experts and scholars, governments also need to actively establish an environment-friendly system and to work with private sectors and jointly change the entire social atmosphere. Therefore, the citizen of the world can pay more attention to the actions of one planet and make healthy choices to achieve sharing the livable planet.

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For Press Materials: Ms. Shu Ying Lo, Division Director, Community Health Division, Health Promotion Administration; Mobile: +886-988-595-568|Phone: +886-2-25220750
Contact Person: Mr. Yan-Zi Yeh, Technical Specialist, Surveillance, Research and Health Education Division, Health Promotion Administration; Mobile: +886-972-725-705|Phone: +886-2-25220585

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