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Taiwan’s “Four Nos” Dementia-Friendly Policy Recognized with “Health Gold Award”

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In response to the theme of World Alzheimer’s Month 2022, “Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer’s,” Health Promotion Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare launched the “Online Fitness Class / Student of Perfect Attendance: Yi-Ge”(憶哥健身篇), a fun and entertaining microfilm to promote dementia awareness and a dementia-friendly society, featuring Olympic gold medalist Hsing-Chun Kuo(郭婞淳) and veteran actor Jeffery Hsu (許傑輝).
The campaign is jointly advocated by Pi-Sheng Wang, Deputy Minister of MOHW, and Hsi-Wen Wu, Deputy Director of the Department of Long-Term Care, MOHW, and HPA Director-General Chao-Chun Wu, dementia-friendly spokesperson Hsing-Chun Kuo and Jeffery Hsu. Through the theme “Be the Gold Medalist of Your Own Health”, the dementia-friendly microfilm encourages people to build a proper understanding of dementia, and to convey the four main principles of a dementia-friendly environment: “Don’t ignore the ten warning signs”, “Seek early medical treatment without delay”, “Recognize and understand without discrimination”, and “Support each other and prevent loneliness”, to create a dementia-friendly Taiwan!

Dementia-Friendly Microfilm – Premiere of “Online Fitness Class / Student Of Perfect Attendance: Yi-Ge”
Director-General Wu of HPA called on the public to foster a correct understanding of dementia and to start with the four “No’s” - “Don’t ignore,” “no delay,” “no discrimination,” and “no loneliness” - to grasp timely diagnosis and early medical treatment. At the press conference for the launch of the “Be the Gold Medalist of Your Own Health” dementia-friendly microfilm, Ms. Hsing-Chun Kuo held up the “Top 10 Warning Signs of Dementia” to remind the public to identify if they or their friends and family have any of the signs and symptoms. In addition, Mr. Jeffery Hsu, a popular actor who played the role of “Brother Pineapple” in a TV drama, starred in this microfilm as “Yi-Ge” and explained the key knowledge of dementia in an entertaining dialogue with Ms. Kuo, who played the role of a coach.
Taiwan’s dementia resources have been established for more than a decade. The Long Term Care 2.0 program covers citizens who have dementia and are over 50 years old. After assessment by the long-term care management centers in each county and city, those who meet the level of disability can be provided with in-home care services, day care, family care, professional services, rental and purchase of auxiliary aids, improvement of the barrier-free environment at home, transportation and respite care services according to actual needs. As of the end of 2022, there were 684 A-level units and 7,432 special contracted units for care services. Furthermore, for those suffering from dementia but not yet disabled, the capacity of dementia care services has been actively enhanced, and 535 community service bases and 117 joint care centers for dementia patients have been set up.
Since 2018, HPA has been actively promoting the creation of dementia-friendly communities, fostering a dementia-friendly living network from community police officers, drivers, village and borough chiefs, building managers, front-line workers in workplaces, shopping malls, and stores, and people of the community, with the aim of enhancing the concept of dementia-friendliness in the nation. As of 2022, the number of people who have been reached through the promotion campaign totaled 1.9 million, accounting for 8.5% of the total population, the number of dementia-friendly communities has reached 94, as well as 11,000 dementia-friendly organizations and the recruitment of 453,000 dementia-friendly angels, which is a remarkable achievement.
Mutual Support and Warmth, Fostering a Dementia-Friendly and Healthy Taiwan!
Ms. Hsing-Chun Kuo and Mr. Jeffery Hsu, each the frontrunners in their respective fields of weightlifting and film & drama, jointly starred in the “Online Fitness Class / Student of Perfect Attendance: Yi-Ge” dementia-friendly microfilm. A behind-the-scenes interview with the two spokespersons has also been released to remind the public of the importance of paying attention to the warning signs of dementia and timely diagnosis. In addition, Ms. Kuo, who has always been enthusiastic about public causes and donation drives, made a special donation to the Taiwan Alzheimer Disease Association, hoping to set an example and raise awareness of the plight of people with dementia and their caregivers, to encourage more initiatives to support people with dementia and their families, and to exemplify the spirit of “together, we can do more”, promoting a caring and inclusive dementia-friendly environment and create a dementia-friendly Taiwan!

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