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The Health Promotion Administration pushed "Cancer Control Advanced Program” and saved nearly 40,000 people in 225 hospitals

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Cancer has been ranked No. 1 among the top 10 causes of death in the country for 33 years. In order to reduce the threat of cancer, the Health Promotion Administration has been expanding its screening service for four cancers since 1999. Each year, it cooperates with more than 200 hospitals to implement the “Program”. At present, there are about 12,000 medical institutions that can carry out cancer screening in the country, which can provide more than 5 million screening services per year and find 48,000 precancerous lesions and 11,000 cancer patients. In 2016, 225 institutions participated voluntarily “Cancer Control Advanced Program “ provided 2.81 million cancer screening services (accounting for about 55% of the national screening volume), identified 31,000 cases of precancerous lesions and estimated 8,000 Cancer cases so that people can receive treatment as soon as possible, regain the health and quality of life, but also reduce the back end of the huge medical expenses, the successful rescue of nearly 40,000 people. Through the improvement of the information system and the medical check-up process, a friendly cancer screening system has been established in the hospital and the willingness of public to accept cancer screening has been successfully raised.

66 backbone academies were praised and new model awards were added

Out of 225 institutions, 66 health institutions and 20 anti-cancer active individuals promoted the 105 annual Cancer Screening Excellence Awards organized by the National Institutes of Health to award and share experiences on July 18, (List see Annex). In addition to the previous years, this year's awards commend in addition to the past 105 years of "screening efficiency", "positive case detection rate" and "excellent detection of precancerous lesions and cancer cases" , positive case comfir Efficacy Excellence "and" the largest number of precancerous lesions and cancer cases confirmed "highest honor awarded - Model Award winning hospitals: Changhua Christian Hospital, Chiayi Christian Hospital and Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

Common strategies in these hospitals include:

First, the identification of information systems:

Through the information system to remind medical staff, the public is eligible for screening.

Second, a one-stop cancer screening card:

Eligible people simply come up with a health insurance card to quickly receive a complete screening service.

Third, optimize the traffic flow:

Let the outpatient and accompanying families, to complete the screening process does

not affect the inspection process. Through these three strategies, to create a rapid and complete screening environment; to enhance the public's willingness to accept screening.

Winners experience sharing, as long as the intention, everyone can become cancer screening expert.

The hospital to promote cancer screening success, the key, including: the whole hospital mobilization, all subjects into; also cross-industry alliance, in order to poen up a new blue screen cancer screening.

In view of some hospitals to increase manpower but there is no effective screening, especially invited for this ceremony Cancer Prevention Center attached to the Chung Shan Medical University Hospital chief Wenmei, Fu to share, how to make good use of the outpatient hospital information system, improve the screening process, follow the example of the convenience store caupon collecting in trade of gifts activities to encourage hospital staff input, so that prevention and treatment of cancer into a hospital movement. In addition, at the same time, Medical Center was invited to share ways on how to alliance from factories and expand its cancer prevention and treatment work to the field out side the hospital.

Ying-Wei, Wang Director- General of Health Promotion Administration Department called for, in addition to cooperation through concerted government units, medical units, health units, to save lives, people should also seize their rights, make good use of cancer screening services resources, if the hospital prompted eligible, immediately accepted the cancer screening, is the best way to keep healthy.