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Prevention of breast cancer, Breast cancer is the enemy of women's health, Breast cancer is the highest incidence of cancer among women in our country

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 Breast cancer is the number one cancer incidence among women in our country and the fourth leading cause of death. Every year, there are more than 10,000 women suffering from breast cancer and about 2,000 women die from breast cancer. This poses a great threat to the health of women, so we often hear from Friends who are suffering from breast cancer. The National Health Administration reminded that "early prevention, early detection and early treatment" is the best way to face breast cancer positively. In addition and having a healthy away from tobacco, alcohol, diet and regular exercise can help prevent breast cancer. After the age of 45 you should get regular breast X-ray examination, if there are any abnormal results you should consult a doctor, face the facts, and accept the results, order to reduce the damage caused by breast cancer.

Healthy lifestyle is the key to a third of breast cancer preventions

  The most important aspect of cancer prevention is "prevention is better than cure." However, the risk factors for breast cancer can be classified as congenital and acquired. Congenital include early onset of menopause, late menopause, absence of childbirth or birth of first child after age 30, Breastfeeding, with a family history of breast cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer or endometrial cancer and other individuals can’t change the factors. Acquired is more their own decisions whether to change, there unhealthy life patterns, including smoking, Alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. The American Cancer Institute (AICR) pointed out that up to 38% of breast cancers are preventable. Therefore, women should pay more attention to whether they have the above-mentioned risk of breast cancer or not, and should stay away from tobacco and alcohol when they are young. A balanced diet, develop regular exercise habits, should also reduce exposure to plasticizers and other harmful substances, and timely release of physical and psychological pressure.

Mammography can help reduce the risk of breast cancer

However, if it can’t prevent breast cancer, female friends can still reduce the risk of death from breast cancer through mammography. Mammography is the best tool for breast cancer screening. Both local and international evidence support the early detection of breast cancer. Therefore, women and friends should take special care when screening for breast cancer. Currently, government subsidies for women aged 45 to 69 are entitled to a free mammogram once every two years while women who have a blood-related maternal disease such as second-hand parents can start earlier than 40 years of age.
About 770,000 women in our country are inspected every year, but this accounts for only 40% of the women screened. It is understood that 60% of women who do not want to undergo breast cancer screening are healthy, do not need to check, and 20% are too busy and have no time. This is likely to lead to the missed opportunity of early discovery! National Health Department reminded that breast cancer can be quickly detected and treated by early screening, and more than 90% chance of 5-year survival rate into the cancer, we should get tested regularly to ensure that our breasts are healthy.

Those who meet the screening criteria should be screened regularly to keep your rights asleep

45-69 year old women and friends, if you do not know whether you are qualified for a mammography examination this year or not, you can ask the major hospitals or your local health bureau (the institution); Don’t examine the week before menstruation (Due to breast swelling, squeeze the breasts more susceptible to discomfort), on the day do not wear jumpsuits, do not apply deodorant, powder and skin creams in the breasts, armpit (because it will produce shadows affect interpretation results). Every few years endure minor discomfort, and you will be healthy!