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Expanded Subsidy for Prenatal Examination Services, Effective on July 1

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To improve the health of mothers and their newborns, starting from July 1st of 2021, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has increased the number of prenatal examinations from 10 to 14, thereby adding gestational diabetes mellitus testing, anemia testing and two general ultrasound scans to detect pregnancy conditions, reduce the risk of children complications and maternal/newborn mortality, and relieve the economic burden on couples of child-bearing age. The expanded subsidy also applies to new immigrants who are non-National Health Insurance(NHI) beneficiaries. It is expected that this will benefit more than a hundred and sixty thousand pregnant women annually.

Have a Safe Pregnancy and Labor: Increased Prenatal Examination

As part of Executive Yuan’s vigorous effort to build a friendly society for pregnancy, childbirth and children raising, the Health Promotion Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare has launched key policies that increase the number and items of prenatal examinations. Starting from July 1st of 2021, the increased items and timing of pregnancy examinations provided are as follows:

■ Four additional prenatal examinations: The additional examinations at 8th, 24th, 30th and 37th weeks are aimed at maintaining maternal and fetal health, preventing pregnancy and labor complications via early detection and intervention.

■ Two additional general ultrasound scans: Additional general ultrasound scans at 8th to 16th and beyond 32nd weeks are used to predict gestational weeks to help monitor for fetal abnormalities, multiple pregnancies and fetal development for reducing the risks during pregnancy and at labor.

■ Additional gestational diabetes mellitus testing: Additional gestational diabetes mellitus testing will be performed at 24th to 28th weeks with the concern that excessive blood sugar in mothers can enter the fetal body through the placenta, leading to the risks of an oversized fetus, neonatal hypoglycemia, jaundice and shoulder dystocia, as well as increased risks of pre-eclampsia and post-delivery classic diabetes. Screening provides a way for early detection and intervention.

■ Additional anemia testing: Additional anemia testing will be performed at 24th to 28th weeks with the concern that gestational anemia can lead to an undersized fetus, preterm labor, and increased risk of perinatal mortality. It can also increase the maternal cardiopulmonary burden and result in dizziness, syncope, poor wound healing, uterine atony and obstructed labor, putting the mother at higher risk should major postpartum hemorrhage occur. Early detection of anemic issues, early intervention with nutrients (such as iron and folic acid) and supplements as suggested by the physician will help reduce relevant complication risks.

Routine prenatal examination for reduced pregnancy/labor risks

The Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare has prepared “Increased Prenatal Examination Services Information Booklet” as part of the expanded prenatal examination services program to provide expectant mothers with ample health education information on prenatal examination. Beginning from July 1st of 2021, the medical facilities providing prenatal examination services will provide each pregnant examinee (including pregnant new immigrants that are non-NHI beneficiaries) with this booklet. Pregnant women need to bring “Maternal Health Booklet”, “Increased Prenatal Examination Services Information Booklet” and NHI card at each examination. Pregnant women are advised to receive routine prenatal examinations for appropriate medical care and health education to reduce the risks during pregnancy and labor. For any questions regarding pregnancy and labor, please contact the Maternal Counseling Hotline 0800-870-870 for answers from a dedicated personnel, or visit the “Maternal Care Website” (URL: and “Health 99 Education Resource: Safe Pregnancy Pavilion” (URL: to search for relevant information.

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