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Response in Applications for Subsidy for IVF has been Enthusiastic. Online Applications for Subsidy by Institutions on Couple’s Behalf Are Time-Saving and Convenient

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Since July 1, 2021, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has expanded its subsidy program for infertility treatment (IVF). The scope of subsidy has expanded from low-income households and middle-low-income households to all infertile couples, and the number of assisted reproduction institutions that provide medical treatment has increased from 19 to 92, a significant increase in service accessibility. Furthermore, applying online for subsidies through assisted reproduction institutions has made the process fast and convenient. As of July 28, a total number of 7,636 applications for subsidies from infertile couples were approved.

One-Stop Service for Infertility Treatment & Consultation and Subsidy Applications

Nowadays, more and more people are getting married late or having late childbirth, causing them to experience infertility problems. To mitigate couples' financial burdens for the cost of IVF treatment and have children, the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare recently announced the expansion of the infertility treatment (IVF) subsidy program. Eligible people may apply starting July 1, 2021. The relevant regulations are as follow:
■Expanding subject of subsidy: General infertile couples. The husband or wife is a Republic of China citizen, and the wife is under 45 years of age, with a certificate of infertility diagnosis and a need for IVF treatment.
■Amount of subsidy: Up to NT$150,000/treatment for low-income households or middle-low income households; Up to NT$100,000/treatment for general infertile couples for the first application, and up to NT$60,000/treatment for subsequent applications. The amount of the subsidy may vary depending on the scope of the treatment. If the actual expense of the treatment is less than the maximum amount of the subsidy, the subsidy will be paid based on the actual expense of the treatment.
■Maximum times of subsidy: Up to 6 times before the wife undergoes IVF treatment and gives live birth successfully at 39 years of age and below; up to 3 times before the wife undergoes IVF treatment and gives live birth successfully at 40-44 years of age (inclusive). If the wife has successfully given birth through IVF, the wife can reapply for the subsidy for another birth, and the times of subsidy will be recalculated based on her age and the aforesaid age range.
■Required documents: IDs of both husband and wife (original and copy), one original certificate of low-income household or middle-low-income household (exempt for general couples), and payment account information.
■Application process: If an infertile couple receives treatment from an assisted reproduction institution contracting with the Health Promotion Administration, the institution is responsible for the online application for subsidy qualification on their behalf. After the infertile couple is qualified for the subsidy, they should receive IVF treatment within one year, and should ask the institution to assist in applying for the subsidy online within six months after the end of the treatment. After verifying the scope of treatment filed by the institution, the Health Promotion Administration will remit the subsidy to the applicant’s designated payment account.
■List of contracted assisted reproduction institutions: Homepage of Health Promotion Administration > Topics > Holistic Health > IVF > Contracted Assisted Reproduction Institutions.
If an infertile couple needs the subsidy for IVF treatment and is eligible for application, they do not need to submit a paper application. Instead, they may apply online through an assisted reproduction institution contracting with the Health Promotion Administration. It is time-saving and convenient.

FAQs for Infertility Treatment – The Hotline for Subsidy for IVF (02-2558-0900) Has all the Answers for You. 

The policy has come into effect for over six months, and we have received many inquiries from people. To collect opinions from the public, the Administration has set up a consultation hotline (total five lines) for subsidy for IVF, application information for dummies, and all FAQs. If you have any questions regarding IVF subsidy program, we have professionals to answer your questions or get back to you during working hours. For more information on the subsidy for infertility treatment (IVF), visit the Infertility Treatment (IVF) Section under the website of the Health Promotion Administration at 
The Health Promotion Administration urges that if a couple meets the following conditions, they are welcome to visit any assisted reproduction institution contracting with the Health Promotion Administration in Taiwan to apply for subsidy for IVF treatment after receiving a certificate of infertility diagnosis: either the husband or wife is a Republic of China citizen, the wife is under 45 years of age, the couple has regular sex without any protection and the wife has not become pregnant after one year or more.