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Quit smoking, benefit health, help prevent epidemics, and love the earth!

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April 22 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This year, we can think about another way to love the earth by "Quit smoking!" Everyone knows that quitting smoking is good for health, which can increase immunity, and help prevent the invasion of COVID-19 during the epidemic. However, many people do not realize that quitting smoking is a concrete action to protect the earth.

Smoke damage not only hurts the body but also the earth
Smoking and second-hand smoke inhale carcinogens into the body, which can easily lead to cancer, heart disease, stroke and chronic lung disease. During the epidemic, it is more likely to increase lung damage in patients with COVID-19. According to the Health Promotion Administration’s 2018 Adult Smoking Behavior Survey, the exposure rate of second-hand smoke in statutory non-smoking public places has dropped to 5.4%. Although the exposure rate of second-hand smoke outdoor public places have been decreasing in recent years, there is still as high as 45.6%. The most frequently smoking-exposure places are "roads, streets, arcades and other outdoor places" (26.3%), which not only affects air quality, but also increases the risk of infection.
In addition, cigarette butts as one of the most common kind of garbage today, the remaining toxic substances in them become a source of soil and water pollution. In order to produce tobacco products, 11.4 million metric tons of trees are cut down globally every year. Director Wang Ying-Wei of Health Promotion Administration urged the public that smoking not only harms the body, but also damages the planet. Quitting smoking during the epidemic is the best way to love the planet and family.

Love the earth, quit smoking and win
In order to leave a beautiful earth to the next generation, now is the best time to quit smoking! Relying only on personal willpower to quit smoking, the success rate is only 3-5%; while with professional assistance, the abstinence rate can be increased by 8-10 times. The Health Promotion Administration website provides a "Teaching Manual for Smoking Cessation" to help understand the dangers of smoking and the benefits and difficulties of quitting. There is also a free smoking cessation service hotline (0800-636363) to assist with psychological support. There are nearly 4,000 cessation service contract medical institutions to provide professional smoking cessation treatment services nearby. In addition, the "2020 Quit & Win" competition has already started. Be sure to participate before the end of April. If you don't smoke a puff from May 2nd to 29th, you will have a chance to earn $300,000 in bonus if you successfully quit smoking! For the health of yourself and your family, please come together to quit smoking, fight the COVID-19 epidemic, and love the earth!

※"2020 Quit Smoking to Win " competition website:
※ Smoking cessation resources:
‧Free Smoking Cessation Hotline: 0800-63-63-63
‧Nearly 4,000 cessation service contract medical institutions nationwide (website:
‧Contact the local government health bureau (office) to accept smoking cessation consultation or services, and you can obtain a free smoking cessation education manual

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