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1. This curriculum shall help mothers understand secondhand smoke. Aside from introducing the effect of secondhand smoke to human body, we shall also introduce various technique of saying no to secondhand smoke, helping mothers to carry out saying no to smoking in their daily lives, to prevent themselves and their babies from suffering secondhand tobacco hazard.
2. With regards to the design and arrangement of teaching activity, we hope to lead our students to understand the hazard of secondhand smoke to mothers and children, the meaning of secondhand smoke, and the techniques of saying no to secondhand smoke through the 16-minutes DVD life drama by stages. The curriculum is supplemented with posters, DM, Flash games, and auxiliaries, allowing mothers to have a deeper memory and grasp of the important messages in the curriculum of saying no to smoke.
3. Teaching content in the handbook is divided into three teaching modules, A, B, and C:
Module A: This is to coordinate with the complete teaching curriculum design of teaching DVD for easy accomplishment of all the teaching goals. Approximately ninety minutes.
Module B: Taking into account the possible insufficiency of equipment, this module is to coordinate with the teaching curriculum design of teaching DVD. Approximately sixty minutes.
Module C: Taking into account the lack of time, this module is for DVD teaching and after class Q&A activity. Approximately forty minutes, easier to accomplish all the teaching goals.
4. Health educational staff (hereafter referred to as health educator) may flexibly adjust and coordinate teaching activities according to the time, place, apparatus, and students condition of his/her subordinating institution, or choose an appropriate flexible curriculum as substitute.
5. Questionnaire for teachers and questionnaire for students are enclosed at the back of this Handbook. Teachers should fill up the questionnaire when teaching is done and mail to the Bureau of Health Promotion. Students should make a photocopy and submit to the teacher for evaluation after class, to serve as reference for teaching improvement.

Director, Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health, Executive Yuan
Hsiu-Chuen Lin
Modify Date:2015/01/27 Publish Date:2015/01/27