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A brief introduction of the Health 99 Educational Website

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    The Health 99 Education Website (referred to as "Health 99" below) was established by the Department of Health in October 1998 with the aim of enhancing the public's health education level. In 2001, the Health Promotion Administration of the Department of Health was established, and its Health Education Center subsequently took over the management of the Health 99 website. At the same time, the Department of Health requested that it be positioned as the largest website for national health education, providing accurate and timely health information and knowledge to the public and health educators. The Health 99 website not only provides online health education materials, downloads, and online videos, but also offers logistics services for educational materials.

    The website provides a variety of health information, including:

A) Latest News: Collecting the latest health-related articles every day.

B) Theme Galleries: Coordinating and promoting health education policies, and establishing relevant theme galleries each year. Currently, there are 12 galleries including tobacco control, adolescent health, chronic disease prevention and control, child health, nutrition and diet, pregnancy and pre-pregnancy, physical exercise, cancer prevention and treatment, environmental quality improvement for health promotion, doctor-patient communication, menopause health care, and improving the living environment for the elderly.

C) Educational Materials: Providing health promotion-related teaching materials.

D) Health Check-ups: Self-checks related to health.

E) Expert Articles: Health-related articles reviewed by experts.