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A brief introduction of the Health 99 Educational Website

Health 99 Educational Website Health (hereinafter referred to as Health 99 Website) was established in October 1998 by Department of Health (DOH) for upgrading the health education of the general public. In 2001, Bureau of Health Promotion, DOH was established and its Health Education Center then took over the administration of the Health 99 Website, which in the meantime was requested by DOH to be positioned as the biggest Website Window for national education of health, providing the general public and health education personnel with correct and timely information and knowledge of health. The Health 99 Website resource network not only provides online health education teaching materials, downloads, online videos, but also offers the physical logistics service of the teaching materials.

Since the establishment of the Health 99 Website, it has accommodated more than 2000 pieces of teaching materials on health education. All the general public and the health educational personnel have to do is click a button on the mouse and they can search for what they need for teaching materials on health education by selecting keywords, age hierarchy, content category, and material type, etc and can further request to get a copy. While the teaching material contents of this educational website are divided into twelve categories such as Health Care & Prevention, Disease Control, Mental Health, Medication Precautions, Sexual Education, Safety Prevention, First Aid, Anti-Drug/Tobacco Hazards, Women & Childrens Health, Patient Safety, Foreign Languages, and Others, the teaching materials are provided in four kinds as Flyer, Handbook, Poster, and Multi-media, and the age hierarchy in six classifications as Children, Women, Adolescents, Middle-aged People, Elderly and All Citizens. The Health 99 Website has also developed an expert review system to ensure accuracy, timeliness, and viewing worthiness of the teaching materials.

In addition to teaching materials on general health education, the Health 99 Website also provides a full-phase knowledge platform for health education, including:
A) Cherish Life: to collect and aggregate health broadcast related articles
B) Theme Square: to promote policy in coordination with health education and to establish relevant theme halls year by year. Currently there are five theme halls, which are Dynamic Living Hall, Tobacco Hazard Control Hall, SARS Hall, Anti-Cancer Health Hall, and Adolescent Sexual Education Hall.
C) Audio & Video Theater: to provide health promotion related short videos
D) Game 99: health related games and dynamic graphics
E) Health Headline: health related daily news

The objective of the Health 99 Educational Website is to let users conveniently locate what they need about health education information and knowledge. Moreover, this site can always come to mind when they are in need of health information. As such, this website does not need to invent the wheel by itself but to integrate health education information from various health units and non-governmental organizations. In the future it will further plan to issue the electronic papers, to set up a members only zone, a message board, and to offer services on material exchange, etc for enhancing interaction among website users and between the website and users. It is further hoped that this website can become the most credited information source center in the history of health education and can also enhance multi-racial services so as to upgrade the health knowledge of our nationals.
Modify Date:2015/01/30 Publish Date:2015/01/30

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