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1. Diabetes prevention and control: Living a happy, healthier life without diabetes

(1) Conduct multimedia marketing and promotion of healthier lifestyle to raise public awareness on diabetes.

(2) Assess the health of high risk individuals by conducting early detections to prevent onset of diabetes.

(3) Enhance the standards of diabetic treatment and care across all levels of organizations. Publish the "Diabetes and Me" booklet and assist the 22 cities and counties nationwide in developing a universally standard system for diabetic care and staff certification.

(4) Establish 286 institutions to promote treatment and prevention of diabetes and to emphasize a consolidated and professional service.

(5) Create over 540 diabetic patient support groups to assist patients in effectively controlling diabetes.

2. Cardiovascular diseases prevention and control

1) Setting September as the healthy heart promotion month to work in concert with the World Heart Day campaign.

2) Complete of the survey on The Nutrition and Health Survey in Taiwan, 2016-2019.

3) Developing Intervention study on blood pressure, blood sugar and dyslipidemia control.

4) Producing cardiovascular diseases educational materials such as: booklet, pamphlets, posters, video tapes, CD, DVD etc.

5) Developing national guidelines on Cardiovascular diseases Prevention and Control.

6) Provides integrated on site screenings in communities of chronic diseases for adults and the elderly. Extensively implementing community healthcare management programs to detected follow-up cases .

7) Expanding health promotion programs for high risk groups of cardiovascular diseases, in order to prevent and lower the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

8) Provide training plan for improving the quality of care for cardiovascular diseases.

9) Oversee The Pioneering Project on the Control and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases to possibly set up a complete prevention model including early diagnosis, health education, and case management.

10) Promoting shared care to upgrade the care quality for chronic disease patients.

11) The Ministry of Health and Welfare has authorized the "National Plan for the Prevention and Treatment of CVD" in 2018. The National CVD Prevention and Control Policy will continue to be actively promoted for each department's powers and responsibilities, and the health awareness of CVD for the public and health care systems will be enhanced.

3. Kidney disease prevention and care

1) Completed the three-year renal disease care, prevention, and treatment plan.

2) Promote medical professional personnel training on kidney disease prevention.

3) Develop the kidney care educational materials:

a. Kidney Care booklets, fact sheets, posters, video, tapes, etc

b. For Individuals with Kidney Disease: Kidney Disease Care Booklet (Excluding indivudals on dialysis)

4) Set up health counseling and promotion agencies at 196 medical care institutions to increase public awareness on kidney care, and decrease the prevalence of End-Stage Kidney Disease.

5) Establish research on kidney disease

4. Health Care during Menopause period

1) Completed menopause care plan to provide menopause information and consultation services , actively promote healthy lifestyles, and establish a friendly environment for people going through menopause.

2) Gather medical experts to discuss the issue on Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT). Develop and publish the Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT). Guide.

3) Train dedicated volunteers and to establish support groups and community service projects.

4) Develop a continuing education plan for healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses etc. Hold seminars on menopause care for medical staffs to increased their knowledge and skills in the subject.

5) Establish the Menopause Consultant Hotline 0800-00-5107, provides consultation in related to menopause health, answered more than 100,000 calls for menopause counsultation and assistance.

6) Published the "Menopausal Care Instruction" Booklet, and "Osteoporosis Prevention teaching materials".


5. Adult preventive health service and integrated screening

1) Based on Evidence-based studies, HPA selects the most important risk factors related to chronic disease, and provide periodical “Adult preventive health service”, which provides early detection and early treatment for disease.

2) The periodical schedules of the Adult Preventive Health Service

         (a) once every 3 yearspeople aged 40 years and above and under 65 years.

         (b) once a yearpolio patients aged 35 years and above, aboriginals aged 55 years  and above
              and adults aged 65 years and above.

3) The contents of the Adult Preventive Health Service include personal / family medical history and health behaviors check, depression test, physical examinations (e.g. blood pressure, waist circumference, body mass index calculation) urine protein and blood biochemical examinations, and health consultation.

4) At present, over 6,900 medical institutions provide the Adult Preventive Health Service, and the average service utilization rate annually is about 30% (in 2018 more than 1.9 million people utilized the service).

5) To improve the accessibility of health services , HPA has been encouraging county and city government, to provide integrated community screenings, especially for remote areas with poor access to primary healthcare. (e.g. mountainous areas and offshore islands)





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