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Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act ~ January 11th, 2009

Ban Smoking in All Work Places and Public Places

Smoking is prohibited in the following parameters:
1) Workplace: offices that have 3 or more employees, government agencies, state-owned enterprises, financial institutes, post-office, telecommunication companies
2) Food: Restaurants (ex: coffee shops, fast food restaurants, western and eastern cuisines, etc.)
3) Clothing: Market places (ex: department stores, convenient stores, supermarket, whole sales, etc.)
4) Accommodations: Hotels, elevators, medical agencies, medical facilities, nursing home, and other social welfare organization
5) Transportation: All public transportation vehicles and its waiting areas (taxis, buses, MRT, and train station)
6) Education: All schools up to and including high school, libraries, laboratories, concert halls, auditoriums, exhibitions, conference halls, museums, art galleries, cultural or social education institutions, and places that provide children and youth programs
7) Entertainment: Auditoriums, cinemas, audio-visual businesses (MTV, KTV), computer entertainment businesses or other leisure entertainment locations open to the general public

Smoking indoors is prohibited, except with designated smoking room: Hotels, market places, restaurants, senior facilities, etc.

Smoking outdoors is prohibited, except with designated smoking area: Universities and Colleges, libraries museums, art galleries, gymnasiums, swimming pools, senior facilities, etc.

Person in charge: $10 000 to $50 000 NTD would be penalized if “No Smoking” signs are not clearly displayed at the entrance or smoking- related equipments are provided.
Smoker: $2 000 to $10 000 NTD would be penalized if the violator smokes in a “No Smoking” area.

Quit Line: 0800-63-63-63
Complaints on Tobacco Hazards Hotline: 0800-531-531
“No Smoking” sticker download:

Modify Date:2019/09/24 Publish Date:2015/01/27

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