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Introduction to the Community Nutrition Promotion Center

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Since 2018, the Health Promotion Administration proposed that the 22 counties and cities to establish local “Community Nutrition Promotion Center”. The “Community Nutrition Promotion Center” will be the public’s good neighbors and good friends in the community and will take up the important task of “Taking Care of Your Nutrition” in the community. The “Community Nutrition Promotion Centers” of each counties and cities have officially launched successively. For any nutritional or dietary questions, the public can go to the “Community Nutrition Promotion Center” that has the sign of the “6 groups categories of food” integrated with a “smiling face”. Professional nutritionist will provide “Local Residents Nutritional Problem Analysis”, “Community Nutrition Care Staff Training”, “Community Nutrition Education”, “Nutrition Risk Screening”, “Healthy Catering Counseling” services at the center. The center will provide planned and comprehensive nutritional care for the community. Below is the information of the “Community Nutrition Promotion Centers” in the 22 counties and cities. We welcome the public to make use of the center.

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