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1. What is “My Plate”? Do you take in a diverse diet?

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In 2018, the Health Promotion Administration designated the “Daily Dietary Guidelines”. According to the nutritional qualities of food, the guidelines divide food into six groups, such as grains and starchy vegetables, beans, fish, eggs and meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits, fats, oil, nuts and seeds. It is imperative that people consume different nutrients from a diverse variety of foods.
  In order to help the public understand more about how to implement the “Daily Dietary Guidelines”, we created the Taiwanese version of “My Plate” healthy eating graphics in 2018, with the “Daily Dietary Guidelines” was redrawn into a plate image with matching mnemonic phrases, making it easier for the public to understand how to achieve a healthy diet and practice in everyday life.
  In addition to the image, and in combination of the 6 matching mnemonic phrases, it helps the public to remember to take in a variety of food.  The mnemonic phrases order is as follows: “A glass of milk twice a day”, “Fist-sized amount of fruit at every meal”, “Slightly larger amount of vegetables than fruit”, “Same amount of rice as vegetables”, “Palm-sized amount of protein”, “One teaspoon of nuts and seeds”. “My Plate” meets the dietary needs of an average person. For those with special dietary needs due to illness will need to follow the medication and diet instructed by the doctor and their dietitian.
“My Plate” converts the “Daily Dietary Guidelines” portions into proportional image, therefore, as long as the right kind of foot is picked with the right portion, the goal of sufficient and balanced nutrition can be achieved!