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2. The more rapid weight reduction at the beginning is better for weight loss?

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From the research evidence, the results of various types of weight loss methods will all encounter the problem of rebound and regaining of weight. The faster the weight loss is, the lower the minimum weight can be achieved, and even if the weight rebounds in the future, the weight loss effect is better.
  On the other hand, experts believe that the most important thing to lose weight is the promotion of healthy behaviors and the development of healthy habits, and most of them involve willpower. The quicker the weight loss, the more often it represents a considerable determination, but the success or failure of weight loss most importantly depends on the maintenance of the result that need perseverance and willpower. However, we are all ordinary people, and often slacken after achieving the initial weight loss and get carried away. The inability to maintain healthy behaviors will make the effect of weight loss disappear.