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1. Aim
The Department of Health, Executive Yuan has carried out the Executive Yuans Taiwan Healthy Community Six Star Plan . The community is the most basic unit for implementing the government policy. It is hoped that, through public learning and participation, community consciousness and self-determination may be aroused to establish a healthy and supportive environment and build a healthy community together.
2. The items and subjects of this program are as follows: 
(1) Subsidized program items: 
1. Healthy community building program 
2. Guidance program for healthy communities building
3. Elite program for healthy communities building
(2) Contents and tasks of the program:
1. Engage in community resource integration and operation based on the existing foundation of the promotion committee.
2. Volunteers are recruited and trained to organize and operate systematically and fulfill the functions of demonstration and promotion.
3. Encourage community residents to attend preventive services screening and health promotion activities through organized community health-building strategies.
4. Promote the following health issues:
a. Tobacco hazards prevention and control
b. Depending on the characteristics and life styles of the community respectively , propose at least one optional community health promotion issue, such as mental health, cancer prevention and control, prevention of health hazards of betel quid chewing, chronic diseases prevention and control, accidents and injury prevention and control, prenatal care, teenager sex education, oral health care, vision care, safe medication practice, building support network, e.g. foreign spouse health promotion, breastfeeding, menopause health care (including prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and incontinence), elderly care, and etc.
(3) Targets for the subsidization:
1. Healthy community building program: County (City) Public Health Bureaus (except those on the off-shore islands and special municipalities)
2. Guidance program for healthy communities building: County (City) Public Health Bureaus (except those on the off-shore islands and special municipalities)
Modify Date:2015/01/27 Publish Date:2015/01/27