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Tainan Healthy City Project II

This is a continuity of three-year program. The second year is organizing stage and its purpose includes: setting up native indicators and city health profile in Tainan, accomplishing the white paper of Healthy city-Tainan, raising community ability to implement healthy city, creating the mechanism of implementation and assessment which the health city promote and holding the conference of Healthy City-Tainan. Objectives to be Achieved the second year (the trial phase) are raising citizens` awareness of the current situation in Tainan City, developing a city health profile for Tainan City Initiating specific Tainan Healthy Cities action plans, formulating local Healthy Cities indicators reflecting characteristics of Tainan City, hosting international Healthy Cities conferences, promoting partnerships with Healthy Cities worldwide and establishing the mechanisms for implementation and evaluation. Following are our result: (1) Setting up Tainan healthy city profile. Collecting the data from 2001 to 2002, it has not announced or obtained the information in 2003, so continuously collects and establishes the data. (2) Healthy City white paper. Structure of the context is including : a)Foreword , b)Formulation and Monitoring of Healthy Cities indicators , c)Tainan Healthy Cities Project, d)Tainan Healthy Cities global interchange project. (3) Implementing demonstration projects. There are 13 demonstration projects : 5 projects in Health dimension, 4 projects in Environmental dimension and 4 projects in Social dimension. Projects in Health Dimension: a) Raising Healthy fitness, b) Promoting the healthy diet and nutrition to label, c) Improving the quality of long-term care, d) Preventing suicide, e)Establishing safe community. Projects in Environment Dimension: a) Building the clean and safe environment, b) Promoting the city to beautify green, c) Improving the sport leisure, d) Walking and riding bicycle. Projects in Social dimension: a) Setting up the neighborhood system, b) Improving the employment, c) Strengthening the care of disadvantages group, d) Promoting high Quality of culture life. (4)Choosing outstanding communities and appraising their score. In order to implement community participation, we set up the participation mechanism from bottom to top. Our group drawn up 17 plans which are suitable for communities according to healthy indicators. (5)Relating to healthy city indicators and budget. In order to make the relevant strategies of Tainan can be combined, we have collected the relevant strategies and budget to put forward in2005 , and held the "healthy city camp of Tainan" to integrate plans and expected to pass relevant plans in the future. (6)Establishing pre-examine of demonstration projects. (7)Holding the international Healthy City conference: Inviting famous international professionals Dr. Leonard Duhl (U.S.A.) , Dr. Trevor Hancock (Canada) and Dr. Iain Butterworth (Australia) to share health city implementations and their experiences. We also invited the chief of the Bureau of Health Promotion to introduce the policy, objectives, and future in Taiwan`s community. (8)Designing the Logo of Tainan Healthy City. (9)Publishing the second healthy city journal.
Modify Date:2015/01/26 Publish Date:2015/01/26