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(1) Past Achievements:
On 13 September 2004, Department of Health and Ministry of Education together with local governments, teachers and parents signed a declaration of intent to implement the project, health promoting schools (HPS). Forty-eight schools were selected to participate in this project. The four-year program, HPS, was drawn up in 2005, and up to 318 schools were included in the project. Anti-smoking, Anti-betel nut was chosen as an mandatory theme for each school, and optional themes included oral health, optical care, sex education, prevention of accident and injury, HIV/AIDS prevention, drug abuse prevention, healthy diet, suicide prevention, and infectious disease control. Supportive systems were gradually established to allow a sustainable operation of the project such as education resource center, trainer support system network, teacher training center, trainer to trainer platform and media center etc.

(2) Current Emphases:
A total of 3848 schools have participated in the project in 2008, and we are still continuously strengthening related supportive systems. We are assisting 25 local governments to establish local governments-trainer support system network, and providing each school the guidance and assistance required for the project. The education resource center is in charge of developing teaching materials for each school in the project, and establishing a single-entry education resource center to dispatching the educational resources. We are also strengthening on-the-job faculty training and life skill training for related personnel involved in the project. By integrating resources of relate web-sites, we are constructing a single-entry website for health promoting schools. HPS media-propaganda allows each school and the public to understand and agree with the project. The monitoring and evaluation on these schools analyze and evaluate the achievements of the project and that will be taken as references for future amendment so the health of family, school and community can be truly practiced.
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