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Teenage Sexual Education Proposals

(1) The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes teenage pregnancy and abortion as serious global issues. In 2003 on World Population Day, the WHO focused on sexual and reproductive health. Since the discovery of AIDS and its swift transmission during the past twenty years, emphasis has been placed on adolescent health.

(2) Goals of sexual education:
A. Provide teenagers with adequate, up-to-date information, enabling them to develop a healthy attitude and understanding about sex, make wise decisions before having sex, and realize the consequences of having sex.
B. Encourage the use of protection during sexual intercourse.
C. Assist adolescents in understanding the core values of sex, love, marriage, and family.
D. Lower the teenage pregnancy rate.

(3) The ABC principle, A for Abstinence, B for Be-faithful, and C for Condom, has been promoted in schools, communities and society as a whole. Our Methods of promotion include the following:

1. An exciting, interactive website giving adolescents accurate sexual information, as well as physiological and psychological health information. An online FAQ is also available for teenagers seeking answers to their questions.

2. A Safe Sex Campaign using a variety of methods, including the 1/4 of Love DVD, posters, playing cards, and e-books. These materials are available at all public health bureaus, clinics, Teenagers Health Care Services, and junior/senior/vocational high schools.

3. A special training program for senior high school teachers and students how to effectively teach sex education using the Sexual Education Media for High School.

4. An expansion of sexual and reproductive health services provided to teenagers, including up-to-date medical care and diagnosis, assistance in transferring to other medical services, and counseling regarding sexuality, reproduction, safe sex, and other teenage health problems.

5. Facilitating global communication of information and improving our national image by hosting the 2004 Asia Sexual Education Symposium.

Modify Date:2015/01/28 Publish Date:2015/01/28