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Introduction of Aging and Chronic Disease Control Division

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    Aging and Chronic Disease Control Division (ACDCD; called 慢性疾病防治組 in traditional Chinese) is an official and governmental unit in Health Promotion Administration (HPA) in Taiwan. We take charge of prevention and control of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, and so on.

    There are three sections in the ACDCD. First section mainly promotes health policies through institutes and platforms, like local health bureau, health centers, clinics and hospitals; Second section is responsible for adult and elderly preventive health Care, reducing occurrence of chronic diseases by prevent and discover early; Third section focuses metabolic syndrome, diabetes and chronic kidney disease, and take actions and methods to teach patients to control their chronic diseases and avoid the worsening of the condition.

    In order to prevent and early discover adults who have chronic diseases, we provided preventive healthcare service, as known as regular health check-up, including physical examinations, blood and urine tests, and health consultations. Besides that, we also introduced Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) to prevent and delayed from elders disability, and provided integrated evaluations covering cognitive functions, mobile abilities, nutrition, hearing abilities, vision, and depression status.

    Due to the increasing prevalence of major chronic disease in Taiwan, we has set metabolic syndromes, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic kidney diseases, amongst others, as the preventive foci of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases can negatively affect health in the long term, and also worsens gradually. Therefore, we has stipulated preventive goals for major chronic diseases, including:

  1. Prevent, decrease, and delay the occurrence of chronic disease.
  2. Improve and maintain the health of middle-aged and elderly people.
  3. Create and enhance healthy environment in medical institutes.


    Please refer our other articles to learn more about policies and services HPA conducted for major chronic diseases. Feel free to contact us by writing a letter if you have any questions and assistances. We also welcome any opportunities to communicate and interact with you in the future.