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Health Care during Menopause

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  1. Complete menopause care plan to provide menopause information and consultation services, actively promote healthy lifestyles, and establish a friendly environment for people going through menopause.  
  2. Gather medical experts to discuss the issue on Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT). Develop and publish the Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT) Guide.  
  3. Train dedicated volunteers and establish support groups and community service projects. 
  4. Develop a continuing education plan for healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses etc. Hold seminars on menopause care for medical staffs to increase their knowledge and skills in the subject.
  5. Establish the Menopause Consultant Hotline 0800-00-5107, provides consultation related to menopause health
  6. Published the “Menopausal Care Instruction” Booklet, and “Osteoporosis Prevention teaching materials”