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Developments of Monofilament screener and teaching materials of self-care for low educated elderly diabetes etc. Diabetes prevention guidelines revised.
2) A variety of promotional activities have been conducted in order to raise the awareness of Taiwanese citizens regarding diabetes and to subsequently lead to a healthy lifestyle.
3)Improving the health of high risk groups of diabetes by developing early warning detection blood sugar and taking action to prevent diabetes.
4)Raising the quality of diabetic care across all levels of organizations. The booklet Instructions on shared care of diabetes has been published to assist the 25 cities and counties in developing a shared care system for diabetes and medical staff certification.
5)Setting up diabetic training centers (DTC) to promote medical staffs of educated trainings, clinical consultations and professional services.
6)Setting up diabetic promotion centers (DPC) to promote qualities of diabetic care and to enhance healthy promotion on high risk groups of diabetes gradually.
7)Setting up 423 diabetic patient self-help groups to share self-care behaviors in effectively controlling diabetes, and to support psychological adaptation for diabetes.
Modify Date:2015/01/27 Publish Date:2015/01/27