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Amendment of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act

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The Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act took effect since 1997. Over the past 20 years, we have adopted regulatory measures including the expansion of smoke-free areas, strict bans on tobacco product advertisements, diverse smoking cessation services, and pictorial health warnings on tobacco products. The last amendment of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act  to  2007  was  over ten years ago. The protection of the health creation of smoke-free environments brooks no delay. The Administration incorporates international experiences as well as opinions of political parties,NGOs, and experts amend the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act encompassing of enlargement of pictorial warnings on tobacco products, flavored cigarettes, bans on named sponsorship, expansion of smoke-free areas, and strengthened the regulation of the e-cigarettes. The goal is to promote joint efforts by all to prevent tobacco hazards, then create smoke-free Taiwan to promote health for all.