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Tobacco Control Education and Advertising

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We have used various methods to alert people to tobacco hazards and strengthen the smoke-free environment. Waves upon waves of intense publicity have been launched using antennae and cable televisions, nationwide and local hookup of radio broadcasts, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, outdoor advertising, and public-benefit forums and platforms. The publicity included the harms of smoking, laws and regulations on tobacco hazard control, outpatient smoke-quitting services, a hotline for smokers, smoke-free restaurants, workplaces, campuses, and military. In addition, we have also celebrated the 531 World No Tobacco Day and published the 2005 Taiwan Tobacco Control Annual Report. To create a smoke-free environment, we have helped to establish 1,703 smoke-free workplaces (a 200% increase over the 2004 number of 563), recruited, in conjunction with city and county governments, more than 10,000 smoke-free restaurants (a 100% increase over the 2004 number of 5,000), and promoted health in 318 schools (an increase of 43% compared with the 2004 number of 222). In addition, 34 colleges and universities have joined the rank of smoke-free campuses. In the promotion of smoke-free armed forces, we have formulated a tobacco-control policy for the armed forces, including establishing a smoke-free environment, integrating the resources, enlarging the publicity, seeking the military`s direct involvement in medical treatment for smokers, and researching on tobacco control and implementing tobacco control policies in the three branches of the armed forces. To counteract the efforts of tobacco industries in targetting youths through marketing, we held an exhibition on tobacco control at the National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung from October 6, 2005 to January 1, 2006. That was the nation`s first exhibition on the theme of tobacco and health aimed at youths. A total of 48,063 visits to the event were recorded. In 2006, a large travelling exhibition also aimed at youths, will be held in Kaohisung, Taipei, and Taichung, from June 27 to November 5.