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Multiple Smoking-cessation Counseling Service

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Provision of comprehensive and accessible smoke cessation services to assist smokers to change their habit and reduce obstacles: Smokers receive assistance in their efforts to quit smoking through outpatient smoking cessation treatment, toll-free phone counseling, and smoking cessation courses.

(1) Second Generation Smoking Cessation Service: In 2022, 91,851 were served with 308,867 visits and the six-month cessation success rate was 30.1%, helping 27,000 people to quit smoking. In the short term, it is estimated that more than NT$150 million will be saved in medical health insurance expenditure and in the long term, more than NT$11.6 billion in social and economic benefits.
(2) Smoker’s Helpline: From 2003-2022, telephone counseling received 1,547,120 calls and a total of 411,119 individuals were helped to set cessation plans. The success rate for cases that received multiple counseling sessions exceeded 40% in 2022.
(3) Smoking Cessation Classes: In 2022, local governments held a total of 573 classes,with approximately 2,582 participants.