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Establishment of smoke-free supportive environments

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      To help people stay healthy, the HPA supports smoke-free environments in parks, communities, restaurants, schools, workplaces, and the military. It also promotes tobacco control through multimedia education and events.

(1) Inculcating in children an awareness of the dangers of smoking at home and school from a young age

a. Keeping children away from tobacco and letting the concept of no-smoking take root at an early age 
In 2012, the children’s tobacco hazards prevention picture book “Tobacco-free home 3D game book” was developed, merging tobacco hazards prevention into child education resources. In 2019, the book was revised and 40,000 copies printed. In 2020, it was delivered to 6,727 nurseries and local government health bureaus to help with tobacco-free family promotion work to keep children well away from tobacco.

b. Promoting campus cooperation and implementing a smoke-free campus
According to Paragraph 13 of Item 1 Article 18 of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, local governments shall voluntarily announce the surrounding environment (including school gates, parent pick-up areas, sidewalks, etc.) of schools under their jurisdiction as non-smoking places, and clearly mark the scope of the smoking ban.

c. Drafting Tobacco-free military policy to enhance prevention work in the military
The HPA and Medical Affairs Bureau under the Ministry of National Defense worked together to promote tobacco control work in the military by drafting policy and providing tobacco treatment services, health education promotional materials and counselors. On average 300 tobacco cession counselors were trained every year. A “tobacco cessation counselor family” network was established. The smoking rate of discharged soldiers was dropped to 22.5% in 2019.

d. Tobacco-free Hospitals and joining the Global Network for Tobacco-free Healthcare Services
Hospitals joined Global Network for Tobacco-free Healthcare Services and transferred online certification standards into indicators and key evaluation standards for tobacco-free hospitals.

Promoting “Project for Tobacco Control Work in Youth Group Area,” to guide 35 colleges or universities to promote tobacco control programs on campus
Advocating tobacco hazards prevention by design the Line “Morning Greeting” stickers
Arranging campus, beautifying the environment, bringing in tobacco hazards prevention concepts
Providing free haircuts in indigenous villages, while at the same time promoting the tobacco free, betel nut free and drinking cessation concepts
With Service Education Course, schools taking part in the “Pick up your cigarette butt” health activity
Holding debating competitions on tobacco product and e-cigarette hazards were held

(2) Advocacy education on tobacco hazards prevention through various channels

Media advocacy was centered around the health hazards of second-and third-hand smoke, the smoking cessation services and the risk of e-cigarettes. The HPA combined TV, radio, outdoor media and print media and online media to improve the effectiveness of tobacco hazards prevention advocacy.

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