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Continued enforcement of the “Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act”

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        Emphasis has been placed on carrying out compliance checks, expanding the network of smoking cessation services, bolstering targeted education programs, increasing publicity and promoting local tobacco control work. These approaches remind people to comply with the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act so a more comprehensive smoke-free environment can be achieved.

(1) Procactive law enforcement, inspection and guidance in the promotion of tobacco hazards prevention work
Health bureaus in all cities and counties are actively committed to law enforcement, inspections, and guidance. In 2019, the number of inspected cases nationwide exceeded 690,000 with over 4.65 million individual inspections. A total of 7,872 disciplinary citations were issued. Total fines amounted to over NT$88.94 million.Fines imposed for 33 cases violating the provisions governing the promotion or advertising of tobacco products set forth in Article 9 of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act exceeded NT$42.55 million.

(2) Training activities held to enhance the professionalism of tobacco hazards prevention
By holding research camps, seminars, and training classes, and compiling handbooks on compliance with the law, the HPA has improved the quality of tobacco prevention professionals’ work. It also provides education and training for tobacco hazards prevention volunteers.

(3) Tobacco hazards complaint hotline Tobacco hazard prevention needs us to work together
The HPA provides a “Complaints on Tobacco Hazards Hotline” at 0800-531-531 to deal with public inquiries and reports relating to the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act. In 2019, the Hotline dealt with approximately 3,359 public inquiries and 1,487 complaints, all of which were passed on to the relevant local health bureaus to be dealt with.

(4) Active promotion of the amendment of related laws to build a tobacco-free environment 
The HPA actively promotes revision of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act. The key points of those revisions include electronic cigarette management, prohibition of flavored cigarettes, enlargement of pictorial warnings on tobacco products, expansion of smoking-free areas, increased fines for repeat offenders, prohibition of named sponsorship by tobacco industry, increase of legal and medical assistance, and bans on authorized advertisements of products that imitate the use of tobacco products. The first reading was passed by the Legislative Yuan on December 2017. As the Legislative Yuan was extended, deliberation was terminated and the process of amendment of the Act restarted. Work to amend the Act restarted in 2020.