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Be Aware of Cervical Cancer

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Be Aware of Cervical Cancer

Women may be busy in looking after the whole family or working. Would you like to spend some time to take care of your health? Cervical cancer is preventable!
The incidence of cervical cancer is the highest in Taiwan so it can be said as an invisible killer to woman health.
According to research reports, most of cervical cancer cases are due to the infection of human papillomavirus (HPV). Most of the people can recover thoroughly after the infection, but some people would have a continuous infection, which stimulates cells for a long period of time, and together with other carcinogenic factors, it can transform to cervical cancer easily.
Taking smear test once every three years is necessary!
Although only few people infected with the virus develop precancerous lesions, which later transform to cervical cancer, and the process usually takes about 10-20 years, women having sexual experience are strongly suggested to take a smear test for at least one time every three years. In particular, women who get married in an early age, have given birth to many children, and have more sexual partners, should pay attention to this issue.
National health insurance provides women aged above 30 a free smear test every year. Before taking the test, you should take notice of the following points: (1) do not wash your vagina; (2) avoid taking a bath in a bath tub; (3) do not apply a vaginal suppository; (4) do not have a sex at the night before last; (5) do not take the test during menstrual period. While going to take the test, please remember to bring your national health insurance card and identity card with you, and go to the hospitals of national health insurance.
Oversea researches report that taking a smear test once every three years can lower about 60~90% incidence of cervical cancer.
The six-minute easy smear test can protect your lifelong health!
Physicians will gently scrap off the cells at upper vagina and cervix using a scraper or brush to get the vaginal discharge mixed with cervical cells. After staining, the cells will be sent for laboratory analyses. It is a simple, reliable and painless test.
Cervical cancer is highly curable!
A smear test result can provide the reference for whether to have a further examination. If the test result is in doubt of pathological changes, you will be suggested to have a biopsy. If the biopsy reveals in situ carcinoma, you will only require a simple operation to fully cure the disease. As long as the cancer is diagnosed early and an appropriate treatment can be given on time, the curative rate is very high (almost 100% for in situ carcinoma) with very optimistic prognosis.
Do not ignore abnormal symptoms!
The development of cervical cancer is a long-term change that in an early stage, it lacks of obvious symptoms so it is often ignored. While observing an abnormal vaginal bleeding (including the bleeding after a sexual intercourse, the bleeding between two menses or bleeding after the menopause) or abnormal discharge (vaginal discharge with odor or blood), please immediately consult a physician for further diagnoses.
The prevention is feasible!
An effective treatment against the infection of human papillomavirus is currently not available, but a vaccine is under research and development. The best way to protect you is to keep on only one sexual partner and remember to use a condom throughout a sexual intercourse. Once again, it is very important to take a smear test regularly.

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