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Promotion of Dementia Friendly Communities in Taiwan

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1. The government subsidizes the 22 counties and cities across the country to promote the “Dementia Friendly Communities”, to develop life circles centered on persons with dementia and their families, expand community care service resources through community networks, recruit dementia friendly guardian angels and organizations, form a protection network for dementia to create a dementia friendly environment. Develop diverse educational material for different ethnic groups (such as the general public, students, group associations, workplaces, shops, volunteers, dementia friendly guardian angels and qualified teachers), conduct advocacy marketing campaigns to strengthen the target group’s correct understanding and friendly attitude towards dementia.
Objective: To raise public awareness, improve friendly attitude towards dementia, and eliminate discrimination and prejudice. By 2020, the public’s awareness and friendly attitude towards dementia will reach 5% and will reach 7% in 2025.

2. The four elements of dementia friendly communities:
(1) Friendly participation, (2) Friendly residents, (3) Friendly environment, (4) Friendly organization
■ Increase the participation of dementia patients and their families: Conduct multi-channel promotion to establish a community resource network, and to safeguard and maintain the daily lives of dementia patients.
■ Dementia friendly residents (guardian angels): Able to correctly understand dementia and its warning, respect human rights, destigmatize and eliminate discrimination, and to provide assistance.
■ Friendly environment (community and home): Improve barrier-free facilities, slopes, lighting, transportation, etc. 
Dementia friendly organization: Recruit shops, banks, food vendors, police stations, temples, churches to provide friendly assistance such as tea and resting, as well as referral services.

3. In 2018, 4 dementia friendly communities were established with 32,000 dementia guardian angels, and signed up more than 1,800 dementia friendly organizations, and with 315 sessions of marketing activities. In 2019, 10 dementia friendly communities were promoted, up to 60,000 dementia friendly guardian angels were recruited, and signed up 2,400 dementia friendly organizations.