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In order to improve the quality of newborn care, the comprehensive expansion of newborn screening for congenital metabolic diseases has been increased from 11 items to 21 items since October 1, 2018. Within 48 hours of birth, the 21 items of the newborn screening can be achieved by a simple heel prick test. To avoid permanent neurological and physical damage we urge the parents to take their children for early screening and early treatment.  
For the general population, the government provides a subsidy of NTD 200 per newborn , while for low-income households and medical institutions (midwifery) with insufficient medical resources, the government provides a subsidy of NTD 550 per newborn. The addition of 10 new disease screening can be simultaneously detected by the current Tandem mass spectrometer screening without increasing the public's financial burden. For suspected positive cases, and depending on the disease, the government subsidizes related costs and implements different "dianostic procedures". Newborn screening adopts a comprehensive participation method. The medical staff will conduct health education before screening. If the parents do not raise objections or actively refuse screening, it will be deemed as consent to screening. The annual screening rate is over 99%. Referral and follow-up care has been completed for abnormal cases.
Modify Date:2019/11/01 Publish Date:2019/10/31