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To imporve the healthcare quality of high risk pregnant women, since 2017, HPA has cooperated with local health bureaus to implement high risk maternal health management pilot program, which has effectively increased the utilization of  prenatal examination visits. 
We subsidizes 9 health bureaus working in co-operation with 66 medical institutions in 2019 to provide health services to pregnant women with health risk factors (e.g., tobacco, alcohol and areca use, multiple gestation, previous preterm birth, gestational high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, drug use and mental health problem), socio-economic risk factors (e.g., pregnancy under the age of 20, lower socio-economic status, low educational level) or unscheduled prenatal examination, including health education, follow up care and referral services from pregnancy to 6 weeks after delivery to improve the health of mothers and children.
By September 2019, the 2017 pilot program has provided high risk maternity services to a total of 4,988 cases reaching a coverage rate of at least 85% every year. HPA plans to increase the number of cooperative counties and cities in the future to expand healthcare tracking coverage.
Modify Date:2019/11/01 Publish Date:2019/10/31