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2015 Global Health Forum in Taiwan

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    The "Global Health Forum in Taiwan" has been an annual event since the start of its predecessors, the “Taiwan Health Forum” and “Global Forum for Health Leaders" in 2005. This year’s Forum (2015 Global Health Forum in Taiwan) was scheduled for Sunday and Monday, November 1st to November 2nd, at the National Yang Ming University of Taiwan. The theme of the Forum was proposed as “Public Health Governance,” and the event featured plenary presentations on effective governance toward a sustainable world, post-2015 development strategies and challenges of non-communicable diseases, structures and law of global health governance, and on issues such as data gaps world-wide on disease burden and mortalities. The Forum also featured hands-on workshops on actions of health governance, such as the challenges and strategies of cardiovascular diseases, how data can be utilized to reduce disease burden, and innovative use of health related data. Other important sessions included oral cancer prevention and control in both Taiwan and the world, health impact assessment, capacity building for public health leadership in civil societies and non-governmental organizations, and the roles civil societies and NGOs play in health.