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2018 Global Health Forum in Taiwan

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    2018 Global Health Forum in Taiwan was scheduled for Sunday and Monday, October 28-29, at the Howard Civil Service International House. The theme was “Resilience: New Challenges and Opportunities for Global Health”, and attempted to examine and engage in discussions on resiliency, delving from overarching level to specific settings and/or issues. The discussions focused on how the health systems (both healthcare and public health) responded, reformed, rehabilitated, recovered and rebounded from new and emerging challenges faced by the society, and how these challenges had brought upon impacts on the Sustainable Development Goals and the Health for All. The forum featured thematic sessions on topics related to resiliency, such as infectious disease, crises faced by health systems, challenges of natural disasters and the humanitarian relief efforts. Closer observations of resilience on individual levels were made on issues, such as health literacy for individual empowerment, psychological health, and in settings such as environment, aging society and global disease burden, etc.