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Community Health

Community Health

English Chinese
Health Promotion 健康促進
Alliance For Healthy Cities 健康城市聯盟
Health Literacy 健康識能

Physical Activity, Obesity Prevention, Health Promoting Schools

English Chinese
Health-Related Physical Fitness 健康體能
Promoting Physical Activity 健康體能促進
Regular Exercise Prevalence among Adults 成人規律運動人口比率
Healthy body weight 健康體位
Health Promoting Schools International Certification 健康促進學校國際認證

Elderly Health Promotion

English Chinese
Community health-building promotion program 社區健康營造推動計畫
Health Community building Unit 社區健康營造單位
Age-Friendly Cities 高齡友善城市
Age-Friendly Communities 高齡友善社區
Age-friendly Healthy Environment and Service Project 高齡友善健康環境與服務計畫

Occupational and Environmental Health

English Chinese
The Central Regional Center for Workplace Health Promotion 健康職場推動中心
Nation-wide workplace tobacco hazards prevention and control database 全國性職場菸害防制輔導資料庫
Nation-wide workplace health promotion database 全國性職場健康促進輔導資料庫
vocational union 職業工會
factory doctor or nurse 廠醫或廠護
Workplace health promotion 職場健康促進
International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) 國際非游離輻射防護協會
ionizing radiation (IR) 游離輻射
non-ionizing radiation (NIR) 非游離輻射
Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) 電磁場
International Electromagnetic Fields Project; International EMF project 國際電磁波(場)計畫
micro-Tesla; μT 微泰斯拉
mili-Gauss; mG 毫高斯
Non-ionizing Radiation Recommended Environmental Values for General Public Exposure in Non-occupational Environments 非職業場所之一般民眾於環境中暴露各頻段非游離輻射之建議值
Extremely low frequency (ELF) 極低頻
Fifth generation mobile networks 第五代行動通信
radiation 輻射
Electric Field strength 電場強度
Magnetic Field strength 磁場強度
Magnetic Flux Density 磁通量密度
Power Density 功率密度
Prevention of accidents and safety promotion 事故傷害防制與安全促進
Injury prevention and control 事故傷害防制

Nutrition promotion

English Chinese
healthy diet promotion 健康飲食促進
5 servings of vegetables and fruits a day 天天5蔬果

Health Promoting Schools

English Chinese
oral health 口腔衛生
optical care 視力保健
sex education 性教育
Health Promoting Schools 健康促進學校
Health Promotion 健康促進